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Business and Corporate

Kephart Fisher LLC

The attorneys at Kephart Fisher counsel entrepreneurs, small business owners and large companies on a wide array of business matters and transactions. We also make sure our business clients are up to date and compliant with all state and federal laws, as well as administrative regulations.

Starting a Business: What type of business are you starting? Sole proprietorship? Partnership? We provide business planning and organizational structuring for corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. We also advise clients on ongoing governance and compliance issues.

Business Formation and Entity Selection:

Corporation: Corporations can protect shareholders and owners from the liabilities of the company and are able to issue stock to raise capital. A corporate lawyer can explain the legal complexities.

Partnership: We can help you prepare a well-defined partnership agreement, including the terms and conditions, so you have the guidelines you need to avoid potential owner disagreements.

LLC: LLCs are great for small businesses for tax purposes and require few formalities, yet provide many of the advantages of a corporation. A business attorney can assist with the initial organization of the company and writing your operating agreement.

Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions: We help clients purchase, acquire, merge or sell businesses by assisting with determining the valuation, negotiating terms and conditions, and preparing sales agreements.

Joint Ventures: We can assist in the structuring and negotiation of joint ventures, including proper entity selection and formation.

Private Offerings: Private placements (aka Private Offerings) are a cost-effective way for businesses to raise capital without an initial public offering (IPO). Our attorneys are familiar with the complex securities laws and can work with clients who want to make a private offering to a group of investors.

Business & Corporate Finance

Kephart Fisher’s attorneys represent companies and lenders in various types of commercial financing transactions.

We counsel business owners through a range of opportunities and challenges.
Our corporate attorneys advise lenders and borrowers in finance transactions, representing clients in buying, selling, developing, operating, leasing, capitalizing, syndicating and financing real estate projects.

Our business finance experience includes:

  • Business Acquisition Financing
  • Line of Credit Facilities
  • Asset Based Financing
  • Mezzanine Financing
  • Construction, Development and other Real Estate Financing
  • Preferred Equity
  • 1031 Transactions

Other Business and Corporate Services
Our lawyers can assist clients with general contract law, business disputes, licensing/franchising, protecting intellectual property, and minimizing the potential risk of fines, penalties and employment-related litigation, and entity dissolution.

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